Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rustic Interior Doors, Barnwood Interior Doors, Timber Interior Doors, Reclaimed Wood Interior Doors

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These pre hung rustic interior doors come in a variety of wood species including barnwood, weathered timber, rustic cedar, rustic hickory, heart pine and wormy chestnut. Other species available upon request. Just let us know what you need! Hinges and everything you see pictured here included. Call us or email us for a quote.
Vienna Woodworks manufactures these rustic interior doors right here in Waseca, MN in our rustic furniture shop. Many satisfied customers have ordered them for use in their cabins, log homes, timber frame homes and cottages. Our prices are fair for a product that is often difficult to find!
If you are working with a contractor who is building your rustic home, we can easily work directly with him or her. Often contractors try to talk their clients out of using products from a third party, as contractors make more money when they use their own suppliers. The input we have regarding this situation is that this is YOUR house, and you should have the ability to control what goes on during the construction process. Your satisfaction should be first priority when it comes to the decisions that are made between you and your contractor, and your preferences should take priority at all times. If there are questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and communicate them, because we at Vienna Woodworks are the best qualified to answer questions about our products, what we can provide, and the time frame that we can provide products. Many times contractors make assumptions and pass these on to their clients as fact, however sometimes the information that is conveyed is not entirely accurate. If you have a question or concern, we'll give you an unbiased, honest and accurate answer. We can work directly with you to fill your needs, regardless of your situation!
Our rustic interior doors are:
Reasonably Priced
Matching Door Jamb is included in our prices!
Professionally Constructed
Custom Sizes not a problem
Are pre hung and easy to install
Include Hinges
Are UNIQUE, Rustic and Beautiful
Made from Antique wood that is rare and unique
Please contact us for a quote

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