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Barnwood Furniture by Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture Company

Vienna Woodworks has been a leading United States manufacturer of reclaimed barn wood furniture and log furniture since 2002. Our products are made in our Minnesota shop in the heart of barn country. We provide custom made rustic kitchen cabinets from every specie of wood including reclaimed heart pine, douglas fir, and oak. Cedar and hickory are also popular woods that create unique rustic kitchens, bathroom vanities, beds, dressers, dining chairs and tables.

Because we build custom furniture, we can create a one of a kind piece of wooden furniture to your dimensions and specifications from reclaimed wood, logs, dimensional lumber of any specie or a combination of all of these. We welcome you to inquire at or to visit our website to view examples of our work at

We have enjoyed working with our satisfied customer base during our many years in business, and we look forward to hearing from new customers in the future. Please let us know what you envision so we can work with you to create the perfect piece of furniture for your home!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Barrel Bathroom Vanities and Bar Room Sinks

Our new line of barrel furniture is just beginning! We will be rolling out more barrel furniture within the next few weeks but here is a preview of what we have so far. Whiskey/Bourban Barrel and wine barrel furniture provide a unique repurposed style that lends itself to a functional conversation piece.  These are full size barrels with a girth of approximately 24 inches at the widest point of the piece and they are 33 to 34 inches high.

Shop for Barrel Bathroom Vanities here!

We are also making a line of tables from these barrels with different top choices.  The top pictured is light barnwood, but we can also provide dark brown barnwood, and other wood types as well!  
There are a lot of options that you can choose from.  

In the near future we will have barrel top tables and mirrors along with picture frames.  Check back with VIENNAWOODWORKS.COM for more updates, and thank you for your insterest in our rustic furniture lines! Please conact us at 888-625-7570 or if you have any questions that we can help with.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Rustic Office Furniture, Custom Made by Vienna Woodworks

Hickory Log and Birch Bark Desk

Custom Rustic Desks create a unique work space

Vienna Woodworks has made many different rustic desks, chairs, shelves and other custom office furniture over the last several years. The Hickory Log and Birch Bark desk pictured above, is an example of a desk that we recently made for one of our customers.  One of the things that our company can provide is furniture pieces that are designed by the end user.  Instead of going to purchase standard imported furniture, we are able to provide American Made pieces that are hand made from real wood, rather than massed produced using veneers.  For those who are looking for quality furnishings that will have the look and feel of an heirloom piece of furniture, this is a great option!

Rustic office furniture can be made from many different types of materials including barn wood, reclaimed wood, or various types of logs.  We will be posting more from our rustic office furniture line in the coming weeks, and hope that our pictures and products will provide potential customers with inspiration for their work spaces. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Barn Wood Bed, Dressers and Night Stands in our Barn Timber Style

 Inspired by customer design requests, we are proud to introduce our newest barnwood bedroom furniture line.  

Vienna woodworks has been building barnwood beds for over a decade, and as time has passed we have added many new styles to our collection.  The latest style came about when a customer sent us a drawing of a bed that they wanted made, in the Fall of 2017.  We accepted their request, and the bed pictured is the result of that special request.  
Barn Timber Bedroom

This bed features thick posts and a high headboard offset by a low profile footboard. The bed is made from one hundred percent reclaimed barn wood, and works with or without a box spring. We provided slats and mattress support rails, as an option as well.  A bed frame can be used instead of the slat system.
Matching barnwood timber dressers and nightstands are also available as pictured.  Visit us at our barnwood furniture store online here to see pricing, options, and the other barn wood beds that we can provide.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hickory Log Living Room Furniture for your cabin or lake home

Hickory Log Living Room Furniture; Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs

Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture Company has been busy expanding our product line since we started building rustic furniture in 2002.  One of our latest additions is the use of recycled leather cushions on our log living room furniture.  This cushion material comes in various colors and can be ordered through our company by emailing us at The product has been popular with customers and we agree that it looks great on the furniture. Of course you can also order hickory log living room sofas and chairs through us, and we also offer many other fabric choices.  The fabrics used, whether leather or upholstery blends, are all high end furniture quality materials.
Hickory Log Living Room Chair with recycled leather custions
One of the great things about hickory log furniture is that it is extremely durable! Hickory is a hard wood and is so dense that many people are surprised at how heavy it is.  On top of that, we use mortise and tenon assembly with the addition of glue and screws to provide the strongest joint possible when we make it.
Hickory Log Living Room Couch ~ A rustic sofa for your rustic space

Hickory logs are sustainable forest products! 

Another benefit to hickory logs is the fact that the growth of hickory is not interrupted in its natural environment. When hickory is harvested, it is cut from an established root system in order to ensure it's continued growth in the wild. By thinning out this growth, future growth is encouraged! Any saplings and logs that are cut from this root system allow for new growth to flourish, which is environmentally beneficial to its natural habitat. We think this is a win win for furniture companies as well as for the environment!

Please contact us for more information or to request furniture styles in hickory log or other rustic furniture materials. You can also view these pieces on our webstore here: Hickory Log Living Room Furniture. These products are available to order online but we also provide the opportunity to order over the phone (888-625-7570) or by emailing us with questions and special custom requests. We welcome your questions and/or concerns.  

Our company makes furniture for every room in the home in addition, and we can make beds, tables, railings, picnic tables, bars, desks, shelves, mirrors, bathroom vanities and anything else that you can imagine! We would love to hear from you regarding any project that you are considering. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Barn Wood Bedroom

Rustic Furniture and Barn Wood Furniture on Houzz

Vienna Woodworks makes rustic barnwood and log furniture for every room!

Since Houzz is such a popular website, we thought we would list some of our products there in order to reach a larger audience.  Houzz is a great resource for finding anything home related, and the pictures on that website are amazing!  With so much inspiration for making our living spaces our own, Houzz users can also find the products that make that vision a reality. We still sell our products on our own website,, but we will continue to add them to the Houzz site for people to discover. This is a time consuming process because they all have to be pre-approved before Houzz will list them, and that can sometimes take up to two full months. (Or longer). It seems that the sheer volume of products, photos, and service providers on Houzz is massive; there is a LOT of content, which is great for the end user!

Our competitors have been taking advantage of this opportunity as well, so let us know if you have questions about our products versus their products. We'll give you an honest, fair answer, without running anyone else down. That's not how we accomplish sales. That doesn't make us feel good at the end of the day. In addition, with a staff of 12, we're still running over time so we don't need to resort to that type of sales tactic. Our lead time is pretty standard in this industry. Eight weeks is an honest estimate from the get go.  We won't promise something that we know can't happen.  What we will do is try to get it done faster, especially if you tell us that you really need it. All we ask is for sufficient time to do it right the first time!

Our Rustic Barnwood and Log Furniture is priced to sell and is all built by hand, in the United States of America.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide American Made products to you and are grateful to all of our past, current and future customers for choosing us!! Custom product requests are always welcome and we encourage you to bring us your vision so that we can create a unique heirloom quality piece of furniture.
 Here is one of our BARN WOOD BEDS on Houzz!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Barnwood Beds made in Minnesota and Hand Crafted

This video highlights some of the barnwood beds that we have made over the past 10 years since we have added the barnwood product line at Vienna Woodworks Furniture Co.

Barn Wood is a unique wood that is mostly heart pine and douglas fir.It has a beautiful natural patina that can not be replicated with stain which is why we use only a clear coat finish on the barnwood furniture.  This wood is also very old and was growing here in North America for centuries before settlers in Minnesota cut down the trees to build houses and barns.  Since it grew for so long, it was much larger than today's trees get.  The trees were significantly larger and because of their long growth the center of the pine trees was much harder and denser than what we see in new growth lumber today.  The wood is much stronger than what we think of dimensional pine lumber from lumber yards.  All of the translates into a stronger and more beautiful furniture piece because the wood looks a lot different on top of being so much stronger and more durable!

What was used in the past in barns to sustain life giving animals and seeds is now available through Vienna Woodworks Furniture co as furniture that will continue to last for years to come.  Salvaging this wood for furniture pieces is no easy task but it is worth the time and effort because of its unique character.  We can build anything from barn wood so we welcome your custom requests!

Contact us for a quote for your own design ideas at


Arched BarnWood Vanity with Drawers

At Vienna Woodworks Furniture Co we are constantly adding or modifying designs mostly because we are a custom furniture shop that specializes in reclaimed wood furniture.  Customers contact us frequently to make them something unique.  I think that is one of the most enjoyable parts of owning this business. Instead of making the same exact piece of furniture day in and day out, I get a chance to design new pieces or modify old pieces constantly.  Especially barnwood vanity and medicine cabinet products. 

Sometimes it is difficult to share a photo of every single piece that we make because we are focused on getting the product to the customer as quickly as possible.  Often I find that a photo shoot will cause a delay.  However, when possible we do take pictures so that we can add them to our blog and website.  I hope that the photos we add will inspire customers to come up with their own ideas and designs so they can have something that no one else owns, made just for them. 

Here is our Arched barnwood Vanity with drawers added.  We've made many of the version of this piece with just the two doors in a variety of sizes ranging from 24 inch to 36 inch.  This 42 inch version was recently made for a customer and we love the way the two tone barnwood looked!

Here is another version of the vanity that's been super popular.  It has a more subtle gray in it in the doors but  we will make whatever makes the customer happy and everyone has different tastes for their rustic decor! Just ask us, and we will do whatever you want. 

To view all of our barnwood vanities, please visit us at

You can also view our Weathered gray vanities and rustic wood styles by clicking the link at the top navigation (Or the bars on the top left if you are using your phone to surf). 

Thank you for visiting our blog and our store!


Christopher Wiener
Waseca, MN

Barn Wood Bed Styles new for 2017

Our Barn Wood Bed collection has grown since we started building them in 2007! Over the past ten years we have added a few variations to the original Arched Barnwood bed. Originally it came in brown barnwood and we then added gray panels to provide the option to have a two tone mix of brown and weathered gray.  We do not use stain on these pieces because we think that the natural patina of the reclaimed wood is much more unique and beautiful!

Recently we started making our arched beds in platform bed style with optional drawers in either the front or the sides of the bed. This line has been well received so we thought we would share some of the photos on our blog.

All of our beds are made by hand in Minnesota in our shop, and can also be viewed and purchased at Vienna Woodworks Furniture Co online
This is our two tone arched barn wood bed in platform style

A few more styles are shown above.  We have been working hard in the shop to keep adding to our line and have also received may customer requests for new styles as well.  If you would like a custom design, please contact us at or call us at 888-625-7570! 

Thank you for stopping by our blog!


Christopher Wiener
Waseca, MN 


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Christopher Wiener Waseca, MN Furniture Designer: New Barn Wood Bed designs

Waseca Furniture Designer Chris Wiener ~ Newest Reclaimed Wood Bed Designs

Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture Company crafts hand made rustic furniture in a rural Waseca, Minnesota location.  All of the products are made on location and sold online in their furniture store Over the past 14 years Chris has designed several different reclaimed wood beds that customers have enjoyed tremendously.  Many of the newer designs have been developed through a joint effort between Chris and customers who have requested custom reclaimed wood beds.  Chris has also designed matching reclaimed wood dressers, mirrors, nightstands and chests that create complete bedroom sets. The full line of products now available can be viewed on their website under the barn wood bedroom furniture section.  

All of the reclaimed barn wood used for furniture crafting is salvaged from the Waseca, MN area or from locations nearby.  Very old barns that were constructed with heart pine and douglas fir are scattered across the countryside near the furniture shop that Chris has operated in Waseca since 2005.  (The company started in Superior, Wisconsin in 2002 and moved to the outskirts of the farming community in Waseca County in Minnesota.)  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Christopher Wiener Waseca Minnesota Furniture Designs ~ Farmhouse Tables by Vienna Woodworks

Our FARM HOUSE TABLES can be custom made to any size and style!

Made from reclaimed barn wood in Minnesota
All standard table sizes are available through our store Vienna Woodworks.  Shop our selection online at! We welcome your custom requests any time.  You can contact our office Monday through Friday 9am-5pm Central Time by calling 888-625-7570 or by sending us an email at 

Other wood species can also be requested for any table style. We use a low voc water based clear furniture grade finish.  The tables pictured are unstained with a clear finish.  You may request staining to the shade or color of your choice! 
We also make matching chairs and benches for all of our table styles.  

Barnwood Furniture by Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture Company

Vienna Woodworks has been a leading United States manufacturer of reclaimed barn wood furniture and log furniture since 2002. Our products...

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