Saturday, September 23, 2017

Barnwood Beds made in Minnesota and Hand Crafted

This video highlights some of the barnwood beds that we have made over the past 10 years since we have added the barnwood product line at Vienna Woodworks Furniture Co.

Barn Wood is a unique wood that is mostly heart pine and douglas fir.It has a beautiful natural patina that can not be replicated with stain which is why we use only a clear coat finish on the barnwood furniture.  This wood is also very old and was growing here in North America for centuries before settlers in Minnesota cut down the trees to build houses and barns.  Since it grew for so long, it was much larger than today's trees get.  The trees were significantly larger and because of their long growth the center of the pine trees was much harder and denser than what we see in new growth lumber today.  The wood is much stronger than what we think of dimensional pine lumber from lumber yards.  All of the translates into a stronger and more beautiful furniture piece because the wood looks a lot different on top of being so much stronger and more durable!

What was used in the past in barns to sustain life giving animals and seeds is now available through Vienna Woodworks Furniture co as furniture that will continue to last for years to come.  Salvaging this wood for furniture pieces is no easy task but it is worth the time and effort because of its unique character.  We can build anything from barn wood so we welcome your custom requests!

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