Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reclaimed Barnwood Doors

This weekend's delivery consisted of several pieces of furniture as well as a number of reclaimed barnwood interior doors. These barnwood doors are all pre-hung and ready to be installed, with hinges included. We make it convenient for our customers, and work with them to pick out hinges that they prefer to use in their rustic decor.
Doors can be custom made to fit any size door opening, and different styles are available as well. Most customers provide us with sketches if they want something different, and we are more than happy to comply.
As with all of our reclaimed wood furniture, our doors are sanded smooth, however, we try to leave as much rustic character in them as possible. The majority of the reclaimed wood that we work with is heart pine from barns and buildings that are over a century old. Heart pine is very dense, unlike the new pine that is found in today's lumber yards. This makes it much harder, allowing it to withstand the test of time. The rings in this old wood are very close together, which is why it is a harder wood than modern pine, and is also why this wood looks very much like nothing that you will ever find in the future. It would take hundreds of years of growing to produce anything that would come even close to resembling this beautiful and rare wood.
Reclaimed wood is a piece of the past, and it is very satisfying to be able to salvage a part of history and transform it into something that will live on for future generations.

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